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domingo, 2 de fevereiro de 2014

Desafio de livros - dia 2 - o livro que você menos gostou

dia 2 - o livro que você menos gostou

day 2 - least favorite book
Isn't it a crazy post? Never mind the fact that most people don't persist when a book doesn't appeal to their senses, (I do, but I have a strong trait of OCD in me). Anyway, there's a bunch of books I didn't like. Especially thinking of the books I am supposed to enjoy, such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, which is the first title that comes to my mind. The hobbit, never even got interested.
And yet, I feel guilty and saddened by this fact. It never ceases to bug me and embarrass me, especially when I revel into chick lit and it seems to say to me I am just not evolved as I should be to enjoy such a great mind.
Unless it means something like a book whose ending I didn't like. Or am I looking for reasons to keep digressing?

Trilha sonora do dia: Não tem nada a ver com o post, mas Baby blue, de uma banda chamada Badfinger, e que é a coisa mais deliciosa de ouvir.

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  1. Pelo menos você conseguiu ler sabe, eu nem consegui passar das dez primeiras páginas de Senhor dos Anéis, mesmo amando o filme. LOL