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sexta-feira, 28 de março de 2014

Someday, someday, maybe - Lauren Graham

Além do pedaço ótimo sobre julgamento que eu escrevi no Teaser Tuesdays dessa semana, e de um outro highlight que eu não posso publicar por ser um possível spoiler (sendo uma pessoa que lê o fim dos livros, eu tenho dificuldade de identifica-los), mais alguns pra você se apaixonar...

Como não amar?

"In my work, in mergers and amalgamations, we're seeing a real boom. LBOs are still the cornerstones of the business, obviously, but ... we've accomplished something. It's real, you know what I mean?
I nod vigorously, to show her I agree, but honestly, Everett's world doesn't sound like a more measurable one than mine at all, and the closest I can come to picturing what she's talking about is imagining numbers dancing around gaily on a computer screen whilegiant piles of cartoon cash rain down from the ceiling at the end of each day. My mind began to wander somewhere around LBOs."

Pros amantes de inglês...

"Maybe if you're in the neighborhood someti-me we could schedule a lunch.
I smile in agrément, although I'm distracted by her use of 'a' in association with 'lunch'. Is 'a' lunch what corporate people have, leaving the rest of us stuck with regular old 'lunch'?"

E pra todo mundo que já teve o impulso de olhar em volta pensando exatamente isso:

"I wonder if this is part of the audition, and the chairs are a test. I wonder if I'm being watched on a hidden camera. I wonder if I should be worried about the alarming frequency that the concept of being watched on a hidden camera occurs to me."

I rest my case. Eu sei que a Lauren Graham escritora não é a Lorelai Gilmore, mas eu a amo.

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