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sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2014


This one I got from Aeropapers, the cutest blog and the first one I subscribed to by e-mail, probably during my frenzy of Tahereh Mafi (the blogger is also team Warner and Juliette :)):
1.      What’s your biggest book blogging accomplishment so far?  To keep writing regularly. It’s early days, but it’s difficult not to let go, to find new stuff to get enthusiastic about enough to put it out there.

2.     What made you start blogging?  This blog, and book-related? First, the blog Tiny little things. Second, the ever present wish to talk about books. Third, the blog Tiny little things ;)

3.      The longest book you’ve ever read? I don’t know. Apart from the collections (HP, Game of Thrones, His dark materials , The chronicles of Narnia are the ones that come to my mind), I really can't remember.

4.     Your most memorable character so far? Lyra Belacqua, by Philip Pullman, I think. And even if I’m not a HP maniac, Harry is definitely on the list. And Edmond Dantes, the Count of MonteCristo, and Lorelai, from Uma aprendizagem (Clarice Lispector). Now I think I’ve opened up a portal and could go on for a while…

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  1. Gostei! Vou usar a variação de algumas perguntas para fazer a TAG do próximo mês do meu blog. Bom fim de semana!