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terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2014

Teaser Tuesdays - Marketing to Women

Só vou colocar essa frase pra dar o contexto do trecho que escolhi, tá?
"I've come to think of the ways men and women connect with gender as games - games as diferente as football and figure skating. Men have three games: one-up, one-dwon, and put-down. Women have three games, too, Same-same, Scoop, and Gift-Exchange. And each gender has its own 'social currency': for men, it's facts and features; for women, it's stories and personal details.

Gift Exchange
Social currency: Stories and personal details: When Jill tells Janet she likes her bracelete, Janet is unlikely to reply with a simple thank-you and move on. Instead, chances are she will launch into a story. You know where I got this bracelete? I was in Cape Cod to spend Christmas with my folks last year. My sister and I went into town to do some shopping, and I saw this bracelete in the window. I was dying to  buy it, but I had just splurged on a new handbag two stores down, and I really didn't think I sshould. So guess what? My sister gave it to me for my birthday last April!
At this point, every guy's eyes in the room are glazed over - this is WAY more personal information than they are interested in. But, the other women in the conversation have just been given a pile of gifts, all kinds of leads to find something in common and build up the relationship. there's so much to work with: Cape Cod, Christmas, parentes, sisters, April birthdays. Something in there is bound to strike a chord.

(do livro Marketing to women, Martha Barletta, such fun!)

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