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terça-feira, 17 de junho de 2014

teaser Tuesdays - temperinho da terça - Richelle Mead, An immortal crown

Essa foi difícil de escolher, porque todos os pedaços que eu grifei talvez pudessem ser considerados spoilers, então me ative aos românticos - Justin March está rapidamente se tornando um dos meus herois (cadê o guia ortográfico? heróis ainda tem acento? alguém me ajuda?) prediletos.
O livro é sequência do Tabuleiro dos deuses, se chama An immortal crown, e ainda não está disponível em português.
Só devo te dizer uma coisa... não vi nada sobre a sequência ainda, na Amazon nem na Cultura, e o final...

Ainda assim, veja bem se o Justin não vale a espera:

“The truth was, Justin wasn’t sure he could handle the face of her gratitude. He’d meant it: Her anger was easier to deal with. He could stay strong against that. But a kinder, gentler Mae . . . one who was looking at him like that . . . well, that was too much. It was too great a reminder of what hung over him, that she was the woman Odin had picked out for him, one who held the key to his undoing.” 

“All those other flings I’ve had are just ashes in the wind, scattered and forgotten. But you . . . you’re the real thing. The fire that keeps burning in my life. You’re the one. There’s no one else I feel this connected to. And if I could do all those things, stay with you, make love—with the lights on—tell you everything that weighs on me, I would.” 

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