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quarta-feira, 31 de maio de 2017

2a. quinzena de maio - aleticiale2017

I've read/Li...

The sweetness of tears, Nafisa Haji
The beginning was a bit dull, but after I picked it up I enjoyed it and considered it good for what it is: a story of many lives connected through real love, be it fraternal, romantic or fatherly.

A touch of love, Jonathan Coe
This one I really disliked. Not only because it is so tragic and awful but because the narrative seemed to me stuck with the coming and going of the many (uninteresting and self absorbed) characters.

A perfect hoax, Italo Svevo
Another story very well told, about something very ordinary. Mario is compared to a child many times, and Gaia is the typical bully who gets punched in the end as our hearts would like to hear. Despite the fact his illusions are declared to be shattered after the whole kaboodle, it is a happy enough ending

A life like other people's, Allan Bennet
It gets a bit tiresome even if his tone is usually light and interesting, with pictures and anecdotes. Probably because the subject is after all so heavy. (The disease and death of some family members, among them the parents and aunts)

David Copperfield, Charles Dickens
And then I found out I knew nothing about this book... I thought it was about an orphan wandering around, but my first hint at the fact it might be more than that was that at 34% of the book he had already found a new abode. I still remained suspicious about this state of affairs for a while, lest the new tutor should die suddenly, but hey, Trot Copperfield was 18! 
And so much happens. With the acquaintances he made, with his irritating naivete, with the unnerving irony. There were moments that didn't hold a candle to any soap opera, and there were others... You gnawed at things.The Micawbers, Dora and later Agnes, Traddles and Steerforth, the awful Mr Mell's episode at the beginning, the craziness with Mr Dick, the constant irony borne of naivety. Dumbfounded, I will say two things that cannot be considered spoilers: one, Dickens was really really something. The talent, mastery of words and sense of irony put others to shame. Two, it is NOT a "book about an orphan". This hardly scrapes the surface of a whole hot biography.Not my favorite classic, but it will hold a dear place in my heart.

A desumanização, Valter Hugo Mãe
**spoiler alert** Melhor do que eu esperava ao chegar no meio. Achei estranho o peso da língua portuguesa e sua poesia com a imagem dosfiordes islandeses, mas provavelmente preconceito meu. O final redime muita coisa, mas não tudo. Acredito que a desumanização vem da própria estrsnheza de ser uma gêmea que perdeu sua metade e com isso sua chance de ser criança- engravidando, lidando com a completa loucura da mãe e a omissão do pai - aos 12 anos.

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